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Human Resources is the Companys main asset which is an important element in achieving the Companys goals and maintaining the Sustainability of the Company. Every employee, both individual and team, is an important driving factor of a high-performance company.

For the Company, employees who become strategic partners, need to be developed continuously through various trainings, to be prepared to face the development and change of the business climate.


As of December 31, 2022, the Company has 17,428 employees, down approximately 0.54% compared to 2021, a total of 17,523. A total of 91.66% of employees work in the Tire Division, the remaining 8.34% work in the Tire Fabric Division and SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Divisions.


As the largest tire manufacturing company in Southeast Asia, the Company recognizes the continuous need to improve the quality of products and services in order to continue to lead in domestic and international business competition.

The year 2021 demands the speed and accuracy of steps in the management of the learning and development process in the midst of the pandemic situation. The Company is able to accelerate the implementation of Online Training which has been prepared in advance as one of the stages of digitization of the process. This greatly impacts the maintenance of the learning and development process which is always increasing its needs every year.

All mandatory training topics for employees have been converted to digital and run online, both synchronously and asynchronously. This strategy not only has a positive impact on the digitization program, but also supports the implementation of flexible processes in terms of time while making training activities paperless.

The company in a structured manner provides learning and development for all employees both in terms of soft skills and technical skills that always follow the developments that occur in the manufacturing industry. The talents who are prepared to fill organizational structural positions are also given a Leadership Development Program so that they are ready to run the wheels of the organization effectively and optimally.

The company implements learning programs based on a 70- 20-10 pattern approach including online training programs or structured classes, learning programs from / with others, to learning programs directly in real work situations so as to make the success rate of learning and development greater.

This learning pattern aims to provide competent employees according to their respective fields and work demands.

The Talent Acquisition (TA) Department conducts a recruitment process when the company needs new talent.
TA together with the Department of Operational HR (HR Ops) and the head of the department, conducts regular discussions to obtain accurate information regarding job specifications, competency profiles required, and job functions.

Candidate sources both internal and external can be utilized to meet the needs of the workforce in the Company. Internal recruitment in the form of rotations, mutations or promotions can provide opportunities for employees to gain experience through responsibilities and other job skills. TA manages the Online Career Page, namely:, which makes it easy for applicants to view job vacancy information and submit job applications online. TA builds effective relationships with several external recruitment sources including Career Centers in several colleges, polytechnics and high schools. Follow the job fair virtually and off line.

Providing information about companies on professional social media that have domestic and overseas networks, this is very effective so that applicants and followers can see the latest information about the Company and communicate with TA through the Companys online page.

Competency Based Interview techniques and several other techniques are used by TA when identifying candidates who potentially have the necessary requirements and competencies, including with the companys core values.


The Company always strives to maintain harmonious, dynamic and sustainable industrial relations with all stakeholders.
The industrial relations aimed to provide the best contribution from employees and stakeholders, as well create a peace environment work within the organization and stability of the business environment of the Company.

The Company always tries to sustain such harmonious and dynamic industrial relations by conducting routine bipartite and tripartite meetings to discuss all matters related to productivity and well-being of the employees and other labor issues.


Facing business challenges in the VUCA era and in line with the companys development, the Company makes plans and implementations systematically in identifying the potential, talents, capabilities, and commitment of employees to be prepared as company leaders in the future because the companys success is influenced by the talent it has, which
contributes positively to improving the Companys performance.

The Department of Talent Management prepares talent by developing succession planning systems, assessment centers and individual development plans. Debriefing talent to be ready and suitable for filling a position and ensuring the next generation can run smoothly in receiving the next baton.

The company continuously and systematically conducts career development that is carried out in an integrated manner as a strategic step to prepare the next generation and the readiness of cadres to start filling certain positions in the organizational structure.


The Company always made efforts to provide the best benefits and facilities within its capability to all employees. To comply with government regulations, the Company have registered all employees in the BPJS program for national social security, healthcare security, and retirement fund. This program provided bigger benefits for all employees in terms of healthcare and retirement.

In addition to BPJS, the Company also provided private health insurance for some employees, an annual medical check-up for all employees and 25 years of work service reward - in the form of gold pin and certificate - to deserving employees. In 2021,the Company provided such awards to 225 employees.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Company made several efforts to improve health (promotive), disease prevention (preventive), disease healing (curative) and health recovery (rehabilitative) such as 3M and 6M Campaigns, Provision of Halfway Houses, Vaccination of Employees and families of employees, Swab Antigen and PCR, provision of vitamins and Masks, Hospital Referrals in collaboration with the Company.

To raise a healthy lifestyle, develop a spirit of sportiveness and promote good working relations, the Company provided sport facilities to all employees such as football, basketball, badminton and futsal. These sport facilities have been used not only for routine exercise and internal sport competition such as Independence Day tournament, but also external competition between companies and government organizations.

All facilities and benefits provided by the Company are aimed to create a working environment comfortable for employees and attractive for new candidates that eventually will create strong bonding between employees and Company.

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