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Human Resources are a vital component as it plays an essential role in helping the Company achieves its objectives and ensuring the sustainability of its operations. As such, every single employee is regarded as valuable assets as they support the Company to continue pursuing the highest standard of performance.

The Company believes that employees are its strategic partners. As such, the Company emphasises on providing the best training to its employees. Employees are also encouraged to perform their task and fulfil their respective responsibilities to the best of their capabilities.


As per December 31, 2020, the Company had is 17,883 employees, a decreased about of 1.83% from 18,217. employees recorded in 2019. Approximately 91.70% of the employees work in Tire Division while the remaining 8.30% are employed under the Tire Cord and SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Divisions.


As the largest tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia, the Company realized the continuous demand to improve the quality of its products and services in order to sustain the leadership position in both domestic and international markets.
In 2019 the company took more proactive approach in improving the learning and development by intensifying communication with all divisions/departments to obtain more accurate and relevant information in line with the needs of organization, job position and individual employee.

The Company implemented a learning program developed upon the technical and non technical competencies approach with 70-20-10 framework that includes structured in-class training, learning from others and on the job in real working situation which allow much higher success rate in learning and development. The main objective of this learning program is to equip employees with competencies relevant to the needs and demands of organization.


Talent sourcing is one of the most critical aspects of the recruitment process. Getting the right talent with the right skill to fulfil a role will lead to enhancement of the Companys performance. By utilising competency-based interview techniques, the Talent Acquistion team can efficiently identify potential candidates who possess the necessary competencies and characteristics to perform the skills needed for the job.

Together with the HR Operations, the Talent Acquistion team holds discussions with the head of departments regularly to obtain accurate information on work specification, the required competency profiles, and job function.

Both internal and external resources are utilised to fulfil the demand for skilled labour in the Company. Internal recruitment initiated to provide opportunities for employees to gain experience by assignment in new responsibilities and learn more skills. The internal recruitment process go through job rotation.

To source for talent externally, the one platform utilised by the Team is the Companys Online Careers Page, called, which provide information on job opportunities available in the Company as medium for applicants to submit their applications via online.

The Company collaborates with Career Centres of universities, polytechnic and senior high schools located in the vicinity of the Company. The Talent Acquisition team also join Job Fairs to get potential candidates. The Company utilized professional social media platforms as a potential source for external recruitment including overseas candidates. This strategy is effective to build a network and give updated information about the Company to potential candidates.


The Company always strive to maintain harmonious, dynamic and sustainable industrial relations with all stakeholders. Such industrial relations aimed to ensure best contribution from employees and stakeholders and create work certainty within the organization and stability of the business environment of the Company.

The Company always tries to sustain such harmonious and dynamic industrial relations by conducting routine bipartite and tripartite meetings to discuss all matters related to productivity and well being of the employees and other labor issues.


In order to keep abreast of increasingly competitive business challenges and to align the organization with the growth potential, the Company systematically identified and prepared employees with potential, talent, capability and committment to be the future leaders of the organization.

The Company continuously conducted integrated career development for its talents as a strategic step to prepare them to fill certain positions within the organization structure.


The Company always made efforts to provide the best benefits and facilities within its capability to all employees. To comply with government regulations, the Company have registered all employees in BPJS program for national social security, healthcare security and retirement fund. This program provided bigger benefits for all employees in terms of healthcare and retirement.

In addition to BPJS, the Company also provided private health insurance for some employees, annual medical check up for all employees and 25 years work service reward - in the form of gold pin and certificate - to deserving employees. In 2020, the Company provided such awards to 579 employees.

To raise a healthy lifestyle, develop spirit of sportiveness and promote good working relations, the Company provided sport facilities to all employees such as football, basketball, badminton and futsal. These sport facilities have been used not only for routine exercise and internal sport competition such as Independence Day tournament, but also external competition between companies and government organizations.

All facilities and benefits provided by the Company are aimed to create a working environment comfortable for employees and attractive for new candidates that eventually will create strong bonding between employees and Company.

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