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On August 24, 2016 in commemoration of GT 65th Anniversary, the Company conducts a program One Employee-One Tree, by planting more than 16,000 trees continuously. This event is part of Companys CSR program to make a greener environment in factorys premises.

Creating a Greener Environment at the Factory
The company implemented the following policies with regards to environmental management at the factory:

• Optimizing Research & Development division to create products/business processes that are environmentally friendly in order to create a sustainable future.

• Creating a greener area surrounding the factory by planting trees. More than 18,000 trees were planted in the factorys premises.

• The Company also actively develops a tree nursery and up until today, more than 51,000 tree seedlings from 131 types of plants have been developed.

• Waste management to process waste into compost which is then used as fertilizer for the trees that have been planted on the factorys premises.

Secondhand Goods Management
GSC (General Service Cleaning) is a department in the General Service division established by the Company to engage in the fields of Sanitation, Gardening, Environment (greening) and Plants Cultivation which is concentrated in one area (plants cultivation nursery).

In order to save the Company’s budget, the GSC department manages secondhand goods to be reused, including utilizing secondhand woods from equipment packing to be turned into furniture (tables, chairs, bookshelves) and remnants of iron and iron sheeting to be used as cleaning tools. GSC
generates various innovations based on demands from other Plants and Departments.

Environmental Management System
The Company implements ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System to improve the effectiveness of the environmental management activities, environmental audit, evaluation on environmental performance and management study, and as a commitment to implement quality environmental management.

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