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Polytechnic GT

Gajah Tunggal is committed to develop sustainable inclusive business for the economic well-being of its internal and external stakeholders by creating jobs and establishing career paths for them. For this purpose, the Company founded Polytechnic Gajah Tunggal. By doing this, the Company is able to maintain sustainability for their skillful human capital.

Politeknik GT ( offers full scholarships to talented underprivileged students with good academic records. This school offers three Associate Degree (D3) programs namely mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and industrial engineering. This year Polytechnic GT received 150 students from 1,740 applicants from 22 provinces of Indonesia. Thousands of Polytechnic GT graduates have found employment in various manufacturing and service companies incorporated within the Gajah Tunggal Group.


In 2017, Polytechnic GT started special classes for its employees, with full-scholarship for an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The programmes objective is to improve the employees competency and to build future leaders.

Besides the regular and employee courses, Politeknik GT has also started a program since 2015 for students to advance from an Associate Degree (D3) to a Bachelors Degree (S1), where participants of this program are employees of GT.

The first batch, comprising 30 employees who pursued the Mechatronics programme, graduated in November 2017. Upon the graduation of the first batch, the second batch commenced their studies in August 2017. At the same time, about 29 students also started their studies, majoring in Industrial Engineering, who graduated in November 2019


Public lecture Effective public communication by Mr. M. Farhan, SE

On 16 August 2019, the GT Polytechnic held a public lecture conducted at Griya Ganesha GT. The public lecture delivered by Mr. H. Muhammad Farhan, S. E is themed Effective public communication . This public lecture was attended by all students, lecturers, GT employees, and BOD. He shared some experiences of how to be good at social interaction and to communicate effectively, emphasizing the importance of empatic communication.

Training and quality improvement of human resources at GT Polytechnic

On 19 February 2019, the GT Polytechnic held a seminar and workshop on the role of lecturers in higher education and to create a semester learning plan. This activity is to improve the knowledge of duties and responsibilities as a lecturer in the GT Polytechnic as a vocational program that can improve the competency of students. In this occasion, the seminar and workshop material was delivered by Prof. John JOI Ihalauw, SE., PhD. He is the former rector of SWCU, presenting the importance of carrying out duties and responsibilities as a lecturer responsibly with workshops or Putting in Practice a Semester Learning Plan (RPS).

Training Training Writing and Reading Skills by Mr. Albert Widjaja, Ph.D

On 13 August 2019, the GT Polytechnic held a training with the theme Training Writing and Reading Skills by Mr. Albert Widjaja, Ph.D., a senior lecturer of the economics and business faculty of UI. The training was one of the efforts to improve GT Polytechnic Lecturers ability to read and write scientific articles effectively in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Mr. Albert Widjaja presented several strategies to read an article quickly, without having to read the entire article, by reading the abstract, introduction, and conclusion of the article. These three sections, will usually be obtain the essence of an article. The reading speed also need to be trained correctly. The normal reading speed of a person is 180-250 words with an average of 220 words per minute.

Community service by Polytechnic GT

Materializing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education philosophy, besides executing the education process, Polytechnic GT also provides community services. Amongst others, Community service held at SMK Bina Karya, Jl. Raya Pasar Kemis Km. 6.5 GG. Pesantren KP. Cilongok, Sukamantri subdistrict, Pasar Kemis District, Tangerang on December 20, 2019. In the event of community service, the faculty and staff of GT Polytechnic provide training to SMK students who are themed Intelegent Control Arduino based on as an automatic learning Media control in industrial applications.

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