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12 December 2014
Indonesia Green Company and SRI-KEHATI Award 2014

For the second consecutive time, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk received the Indonesia Green Company Award from Swa Magazine and Kehati Foundation during an award ceremony, on December 11th, 2014. The Award is granted to Indonesian companies which are committed to implement an environmentally sound business vision and global sustainability into their business processes.

The selection process examined how Indonesian companies implement green company principals into their products and/or business process. PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk received this award due to the development of its first environmentally friendly motorcycle tire, called “IRC Enviro”. The tire is produced using Nano Silica and Non Aromatic Oil in the production process that helps to reduce the pollution and fuel emission as the tires generate low rolling resistance. The Company received the same award last year for its environmentally friendly passenger car tire “GT Radial Champiro Eco”. By receiving this award for the second consecutive time, the Company is recognized for its commitment in creating a sustainable future.

During the same event, the Company also received the SRI-KEHATI Award, which is an appreciation as being one of the 25 companies to be listed in the SRI-KEHATI Index. The SRI-KEHATI Index is an index launched by the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation – KEHATI in corporation with the Indonesia Stock Exhange (IDX), which consists of companies that implement sustainable business practices.

To be included in the index, the Company goes through a selection process which assesses sustainable business practices, financial and fundamental aspects. Being listed in the SRI-KEHATI Index since May 2013, reflects the Company’s achievement in creating environmental and social sustainability as well as building its reputation as a good corporate citizen.