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18 March 2015
Center for Entrepreneurship, Change, and Third Sector (CECT) CSR AWARDS

On 17th of March 2015, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk. received a Special Achievement Award in the category “Environmental Aspect of Sustainability – Sustainable Product” from CECT Trisakti University during the CECT CSR Awards Ceremony.

The CECT CSR Awards provide acknowledgement to Indonesian companies for their holistic CSR performance based on ISO 26000, which is the international standard providing guidelines for Social Responsibility. The four aspects which are being considered when a company’s holistic CSR Performance is measured are CSR Governance, Environmental, Economic, and Social aspects.

The assessment process for the awards is based on publicly available information like a company’s Annual Report and Sustainability Report. Being granted this award reflects the Company’s commitment and ability in contributing to a sustainable future through the development of sustainable products.