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7 October 2009
GT Radial launches its new Ultra Premium High Performance Tire - the CHAMPIRO HPY, at Sentul

PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk introduced its GT Radial new Y-rated Asymmetric Ultra Premium High Performance tire called - The CHAMPIRO HPY at Sentul circuit on October 7th 2009. During this event, dealers, journalists, and other automotive enthusiasts were invited to feel the tire's performance and were able to experience the tire by driving the car themselves. GT Radial's CHAMPIRO HPY will be PT Gajah Tunggal's premium flagship of Ultra Premium High Performance tire which was designed to fulfill the request for today's top end luxury cars replacement demand and speed enthusiasts. In brief, developed using full silica and today's most advanced technology, the CHAMPIRO HPY ensures superb handling and grip on both wet and dry road surfaces at high speed.