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20 December 2011
GT Radial Tires survive the tough terrain of the Fastron Europe-Asia Expedition

A group of young Indonesians, who followed the Marco Polo trail on a Europe-Asia expedition from Jakarta to Rome, will reach their final destination in Rome on December 20th, 2011. This expedition is part of promoting Indonesia’s best products to the global market. The team is using Toyota Fortuner cars assembled in Indonesia, GT Radial SUV tires produced in Indonesia as well as Indonesia’s top engine oil Fastron by Pertamina. The group has travelled around 27.000 kilometers in close to 100 days passing through Asia and Europe.

As one of the main sponsors, Gajah Tunggal is very proud to be part of this expedition, in which GT Radial Tires have shown their durability under the toughest conditions. "As a truly Indonesian company and the largest tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk proudly support initiatives to promote not only the beauty of Indonesia but also the quality of Indonesian products like GT Radial SUV tires to all the world, especially as evidenced by this Marco Polo Expedition. Through all the challenging terrains of their journey from Indonesia to Italy, we are proud that members of the expedition could experience with confidence the reliable performance of our GT Radial SUV tires and we would like to congratulate them on their successful accomplishment" says Christopher Chan, President Director of Gajah Tunggal the producer of GT Radial tires.